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How do I print from an Everett Library computer?

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First, you will need to log on to an Everett library computer. You may do this by entering in your Queens username and password. Once you're logged on, pull up the document you wish to print. Double check that printing preferences are the way you want them (double sided, double spaced, with page numbers, etc.) Once you've checked your document, hit the print button. If a pop up box appears, make sure that the name of the printer is the follow-me-printer. Hit print once more, and go find a printer. There are three follow-me-printers in the library, two on the main level and one upstairs. Once you've located a printer, swipe your Queens ID. The printer will search for your document, and it will appear on the screen. Touch the document on the screen, and hit print.

For questions regarding general campus printing, please visit the Information and Technology Services Self-Help site.